Imagine The Tears Of The Ocean

The '41Blueocean' project, which I started a few years ago, reflects my passion for Life and Photography.

I was raised in a warm environment and was teached to respect someone's different opinion and never lose respect for Nature and Life.

Photography for me is about saving memories, emotions and maybe most important telling the story or message behind a picture.

With 41BlueOcean ( for one Blue Ocean ) I try to make people aware of the vulnerability of our planet through my photographs.

We sometimes forget we're only permitted to spend a short amount of time on this beautiful planet we call earth. We should respect and treasure it for our children and future generations. That's our obligation!

My passion for landscape and wildlife photography is just an extension of who I am.

Photography can be so powerful, so touching and so inspiring. Our Nature, our Oceans and their animals living in it, makes me often feel humble.

Who are we to think, we humans, are superior? We don't own the oceans or this planet. We're users and nothing more.

As a sailor I'm confronted on an almost daily base with the struggle to survive of our oceans and animals living in it.

'Imagining The Tears Of The Oceans',

is what drives me every day to continue my work as a photographer and make people aware of the vulnerability of this beautiful planet we live on.

We really must learn to respect Nature again...