Who's behind the camera?

Spanish & Belgian Based Photographer & Storyteller.

My native language is Flemish / Dutch, but I do speak fluently English, German and Spanish.

My name is Michel and I live in Europe. My work means a lot of travelling but that's what I like. I'm an adventure seeking guy who loves nature. You can find me most of the time in a city taking photo's for my street photography projects or on the ocean ...sailing.

As Belgian, I like of course  to dine and wine with some friends on a mediterranean beachbar or tapa restaurant.

When I started with photography, I was about 16 years old. It was the analogue era of photography and there was no such thing as post processing... What you shot is what you got ! It was an exiting time !

Today we have many more possibilities, but the basics of Photography remains the same !

Light , composition, focus, ISO, aperture, shutterspeed and creativity ... are still the base of a good photograph.

My Photography focuses on my love for people, especially kids, nature and my project '41BlueOcean' to preserve the oceans.

Most of my photographs of people/ kids are a result of my street photography or documentary photography projects. Sessions on the street or outdoors are always rewarded by natural, warm and honest images. 

Although I have no kids myself, I admire and love to take photo's of them ! Their natural attitude and spontaneity towards everything that comes their path is so beautiful to see... and to capture. It seems that we adults lose this spontaneity along the way.

My passion for Landscape & wildlife phtography is also an extension to who I am I guess.

As 16 year old kid I used to wear my camera everywhere and started to learn what light means to a photo.  I had a 2 year class in Photography and ready I was for this Journey...

A Journey that brought me in the first place satisfaction and joy. I travelled a lot and met some wonderful people around the globe.

Together with my parents they gave me a masterclass in respecting people, whatever their color or social status is,  Secondly they learned me to appreciate nature.

As a sailor, I was always intrigued by our oceans and seeing on a daily base it's vulnerability made me decide to startup a project 41blueocean. With the project I try to make people aware of this vulnerability. We don't own the oceans, we are only users !

What makes us think we are superior ?

'Imagining the tears of the ocean' is what drives me every day. 

I hope I can be part of your Journey on this beautiful planet.


Let's create some memories that will last a lifetime